SWB Motorsport Endurance Series

SWB Motorsport Endurance Series

After the great success of our Spa Enduro Classic event in November, we are launching a series of five 3 hour endurance events across 2018. Each event will be open to team entries which can include any amount of drivers – you can even do it by yourself! As with the Spa Enduro Classic, the Endurance Series will feature a different choice of cars for every event, all with balanced performance but very different handling characteristics. Simply choose your favourite or come in and sample all of the available vehicles ahead of updating your entry to each round.

The best 4 rounds for each team will count towards the end of season standings. The winners of the 2018 Endurance Series will win a single seater experience courtesy of our sponsors SWB Motorsport.

In partnership with SWB Motorsport, our sponsor for the 2018 Endurance Series, the series winners will win a single seater driving experience!

Round #4 –TBC


1960s Touring @ Oulton Park

We’ll be releasing details of the car combination in the coming weeks, keep pinned to our social media to find out more.

Each team can have any amount of drivers taking part – you can even do it by yourself!

PODIUM: 6:15PM-6:30PM

After the all important briefing will be a 45 minute qualifying session held from 2:15PM-3:00PM. This session will define the starting order for the endurance race. After another brief chat by our race directors, the race will begin and run for 3 hours, 3:15PM-6:15PM, and will include plenty of pit stops and driver changes! At the end of the race, all drivers will assemble around the foot of the podium to celebrate the winners!

Space is limited to 16 teams, so confirm your spot by booking online to avoid disappointment!

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