Our Cars

We have a huge range of cars for you to race in. Our team will help you to choose the winning selection of cars and tracks for your event. Below are some of our most popular classes of cars  Whether a full on Grand Prix experience is what you want, or a trip back in time in one of our historic cars, we will help you get the right combination to make your event one to remember.

You can fly around our tracks in Single Seater purpose built cars, tuned and modified GT cars,  Saloon Touring cars, Rallycross cars and some legendary Historic models like the Mini Cooper S and the Ford Mustang

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Current Cars

CarCategoryDifficultyTop Speed (mph)
Radical SR3PrototypeBeginner155
Formula BMWSingle SeaterBeginner140
Renault Clio CupSaloonBeginner
Mini Cooper CupSaloonBeginner
Bac MonoPrototypeBeginner
BMW E90 Touring CarsSaloon Beginner
TCRSaloon Medium143
2019 GT3 & GTEGTMedium205
Renault Megane TrophyGTMedium
McLaren Senna GTRGTMedium
2018 GP3Single SeaterMedium
2018 DTMSaloonMedium
2017 F1Single SeaterHard
AC CobraClassicHard
Rallycross Clio RXRallycrossHard

Types of Cars

Single Seaters

Seen as the pinnacle of motorsport, single seater race cars are purpose-built, light and agile. Entry-level cars have little downforce , but as you progress through the ranks, cars become faster and the overall performance becomes something to behold!


GT cars are highly tuned and modified sports cars. Porsche, McLaren, Ferrari, Aston Martin, BMW, take your pick! High speed racing in a range of GT cars and classes. Offering a good balance of power and downforce these cars take a bit of time to master, but are very rewarding when you do.


These cars are great to drive and not far off the pace of a Grand Prix car. With big engines and huge downforce, they are famously known for competing in endurance races, such as The Le Mans 24hr.  These cars can be used to good effect in sprint races, but they really come into their own in a team endurance event!


Close, compeitive racing at its finest. Saloon cars are often found in touring car championships and are pushed hard in short, snappy sprint races. We have a range of cars for you to choose from in this category, which will allow you to enjoy great door-to-door competition in cars that are relatively easy to control.  Just remember to breathe!


The pursuit of speed started as soon as the first car was made. Take a trip back in time and be sure to adjust your driving style to suit these early racing cars from the golden era of motorsport. Who can resist re-enacting some of the classic races?


Racing on a combination of tarmac and loose surfaces, rallycross cars  have their suspension lifted and have their engines tuned for mind-boggling acceleration. Get ready to clear some jumps and slide across bumpy terrain throught the woods, on ice and at purpose-built RX circuits.