Our Cars

We have a wide selection of race cars for you to choose from. Whilst we will help you in deciding the best car and track combination for you event, you may wish to choose from one of the classes below. So if you fancy a grand prix experience, a sprint in a saloon car or a trip back in time in one of our fabulous historic race cars, we aim to offer just the right combination to make your event fun, competitive and one to remember.

Single Seaters

Seen as the pinnacle of the sport, single seater race cars are purpose built, light and agile. From the entry level Formula Fords and Formula BMW where the likes of Sebastian Vettel started his race car racing career, to historic and modern Grand Prix cars. Entry level cars have little downforce (wings), but as you progress through to the faster cars the braking and downforce (which keeps the cars stuck to the track) Some harder to drive than others but ultimately rewarding.


These cars are great to drive and not far off the pace of a grand prix car. With big engines, huge downforce and brakes they are famously known for competing in endurances races, such as the greatest race on earth, Le Mans 24hr (that’s our opinion anyway). You can choose from a proven selection of LMP1 and LMP2 cars which can be used in sprint races, but they really come into their own in a team endurance event.


GT cars are highly tuned and modified (and highly desirable) sports cars. Porsche, McLaren, Ferrari take your pick! High speed racing from a choice of cars and classes of GT cars. Offering a good balance of power and downforce these cars take a bit of time to master, but very rewarding when you do.


Close racing at its finest. Saloon cars are often found in Touring car championships that are pushed hard in short sprint races. With a good selection starting from Minis to World Touring Cars, you will enjoy great competition with the very closest of racing action, just remember to breathe!


The pursuit of speed started as soon as the first car was made. We have legendary names like the Mini Cooper S, Ford Mustang and Lotus Cortina plus more. Take a trip back in time and adjust your drive style massively to suit these early racing technology cars. Who can resist re enacting some of the classic races? Lets start with Jim Clarke in a lotus Cortina!


Racing on a combination on tarmac and loose surfaces. Rallycross cars such as the Subaru Impreza or Ford Escort Mk2 have their suspension lifted and have their engines tuned for mind boggling acceleration times and the ability to clear jumps and bumpy terrains.