Spa Enduro Classic


Book your team space now for the 3hr Spa Classic. We have a choice of four fabulous cars for you to choose from for this special event which takes place on Saturday 25th November.

The cars are all from the same era, have differing power outputs and quite different handling characteristics, but have a similar pace over a lap of the demanding Spa circuit.

So, the choice is yours. Will it be the Ferrari Daytona, Porsche, De Tomaso Pantera or the iconic 3.1 Ford Capri. Each team can have any amount of drivers taking part, you can even do it by yourself!

Please select your car when booking.

Testing available at any Open Practice Session (see open practice for pricing) or at the dedicated Pre-race Test Event (£10 per driver, Mon 20th Nov 6-9PM).

PRICE: £40 per Team Entry


  • BRIEFING: 2:00PM
  • QUALIFYING: 2:15PM-3:00PM
  • RACE EVENT: 3:15PM-6:15PM
  • PODIUM: 6:15PM-6:30PM

After the all important briefing will be a 45 minute qualifying session held from 2:15PM-3:00PM. This session will define the starting order for the endurance race. After another short briefing by our race directors, the race will begin and run for 3 hours, 3:15PM-6:15PM, and will include plenty of pit stops and driver changes! At the end of the race, all drivers will assemble around the foot of the podium to celebrate the winners!

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