The F1 Grand Prix Experience

F1 Grand Prix Experience

Take part in The F1 Grand Prix Experience to sense just what it is like to make your way up through the ranks and compete at the highest level of motorsport. The event starts with a drivers briefing including hints and tips for both the car and circuit. Starting with a practice session you will be driving in an entry level race car to help you get to grips with the simulator controls and circuit. Using the same car and circuit, all drivers will be taking part in their first race of the event. With all cars on the grid, revs rising and waiting for the lights to change to green, this is when the adrenaline truly kicks in.

Now that you have experienced a practice session and your first race, you will be upgraded into an Formula 1 car for the next two races and the Grand Final. The acceleration, cornering speeds and braking of an F1 car is mind blowing, and you are about to learn why F1 drivers get paid so well! With points being awarded for all of your finishing positions, the top three drivers will take to the winners podium for the trophy presentation.

So do you think you’ve got what it takes to master the motorsport ladder – choose your date and get booked into The F1 Grand Prix Experience at The Race Hut.

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If you have a Virgin Experience voucher for our F1 Experience, you can book online by clicking the button below.

Please make sure you bring your Virgin experience card or voucher details with you on the day.


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