Frequently Asked Questions

What is a racing simulator?

Our Professional Racing Simulators are built and set up to replicate the feeling and experience of driving a racing car on track in a controlled and safe environment. Each of our 16 simulators include three 47″ full HD displays which give the driver 180′ of racing vision and emmersion! The steering wheel and pedals replicate that of a race car to enable the maximum realism and control as you would out on track! To complete the experience, each simulator uses a Vesaro racing bucket seat with tactile feedback which helps the driver feel every bump and undulation in the road.

Age limit – Whats the youngest age that can drive?

The minimum age in the venue is 8 years old, however this is very much based on average height and length of leg as based on our experience. Please feel free to pop-in to the venue and have a free seat fit before commiting to an event or session with us.

Driver height – How tall does my child have to be?

From our vast experience, to fit into our simulators drivers would have to be a minimum of 130cm. However all drivers are very welcome to visit the venue for a free seat fit before committing to an event or session with us.

Cancellation policy – How late can a cancel and do i get my money back?

Any event or session may be moved to a different date or time free of charge if stated up to 24 hours before the event start time, however this may be treated on a case by case basis.

If looking for a full cancelation on an already paid event, cancellation must be done up to 5 days before the event start date to recieve a full refund, however this may also be treated on a case by case basis.

Payment Policy – When do I have to pay?

Each event is only fully secured by payment whether it be deposit or in full. We can take provisional bookings, however these can only be held for a maximum of 7 days up to 5 days before the event date. Full payment and balancing can be completed on the day of the event if only deposit taken prior to event start.

Can I run a tab at the bar?

Our fully licensed bar and coffee lounge does accept tabs however these will only be opened on an event basis and not personal tabs.

How do I book with a voucher?

Booking with a voucher can be done through our online booking system or over the phone 01865-771-556.

When do we pick the car and track for our event?

If you have an exclusive event or session you can choose your car and track combination at any point in the lead up to the event by enquiring over email, phone or by popping in to see the options in the venue. However, the combination can also be chosen on arrival prior to your event where our host will run through the options with you in detail. This can only be done when the requested pre-arrival time of 15 minutes for each session/event is respected.

Is Oxford the only venue?

Currently our Oxford venue is our only however we are in the process of moving our previous venue to a new location. Stay tuned to our social media for news.