League Dates and Lap Times

If you would like some regular race competition then The Race Hut racing league is for you. All are very welcome as we have leagues to suit all abilities, from the first timer to a seasoned campaigner.

The Race Hut league races are held every two weeks and are run in our Championship race format. Whilst competitive and run under strict racing rules, the emphasis is that it’s a lot of fun for all. Its a great night of racing. See bottom of page to check race dates and to book in.

If it’s your first time at The Race Hut, we will place you into the appropriate league for your maximum racing enjoyment. You may just like to try one of the car / track combinations below to see just how quick you are, and see if you can beat some of the lap times shown. The car and circuit combinations below are based around the up coming league events. You don’t need to be part of a league to arrive and drive, just come and enjoy.

Leading Practice Times for League Events (TOP 10)

Track: Mondello Park International Р11th January 2016
Car: FF1600

PosDriver NameBest Lap TimeS1S2S3DivVenueDate
1Alex Crump01:42.47338.60137.00426.8681Oxford09/01/16
2Chris Simpson01:43.93038.81037.99827.1221Oxford09/01/16
3Will Trinder01:44.16938.55238.79726.8202Oxford19/01/16
4Chris Starringer01:48.50741.15439.62127.7322Oxford09/01/16
5John Henman01:56.79243.80343.58629.4032Oxford19/01/16

Track: Oulton Park – 25th January 2016
Car: Skoda Touring Car

PosDriver NameBest Lap TimeS1S2S3DivVenueDate
1Gio Faro01:48.05230.99644.92132.1351Berkshire21/01/16
2Alex Crump01:48.45430.84145.07732.5361Oxford21/01/16
3Leon Turner01:48.81130.89345.36732.5512Berkshire18/01/16
4Darren Bedford01:49.03231.15845.46532.4092Berkshire18/01/16
5Ross Gates01:49.30131.67945.13032.4922Berkshire18/01/16
6Dale Quantril01:49.74531.50545.64932.5911Berkshire16/01/16
7Chris Simpson01:49.93331.64745.47932.8071Oxford21/01/16
8Dave Keen01:49.99031.72045.30232.9681Berkshire20/01/16
9David Caruana01:50.15631.53046.03632.5901Berkshire23/01/16
10Paul Brett01:50.40231.75146.05732.5942Berkshire16/01/16

Track: Mosport – 8th February 2016
Car: Porsche GT3

PosDriver NameBest Lap TimeS1S2S3DivVenueDate
1Alex Preston01:17.85531.76228.36117.7321Berkshire30/01/16
2Alex Crump01:18.12431.79628.49617.8231Oxford27/01/16
3Derek Roodenberg01:19.85531.96028.99718.8981Berkshire03/02/16
4Rich Seal01:20.06132.75628.72318.5821Berkshire30/01/16
5Tim Blackman01:20.38032.86228.98918.5291Berkshire30/01/16
6Dave Keen01:20.80732.32328.94319.5411Berkshire28/01/16
7Clive Demmon01:21.79633.47729.63418.6852Berkshire02/02/16
8Dale Quantril01:22.18733.05129.61719.5191Berkshire28/01/16
9Christoph Starringer01:23.11633.94030.28618.8902Oxford27/01/16
10Chris Simpson01:23.46933.30630.20319.9602Oxford27/01/16

Track: Lienz Short – 22nd February 2016
Car: Ford Escort MKII

PosDriver NameBest Lap TimeS1S2S3DivVenueDate
1Richie Seal01:01.81120.97321.79419.0441Berkshire13/02/16
2Alex Preston01:02.02821.34421.75318.9311Berkshire30/01/16
3David Caruana01:03.33521.35722.09819.8801Berkshire14/02/16
4Tim Blackman01:03.76621.19722.56020.0191Berkshire13/01/16
5Paul Brett01:04.68021.77022.97619.9342Berkshire13/02/16
7Matt Caruana01:05.22022.16623.47519.579JuniorBerkshire14/02/16
6Clive Demmon01:11.54122.99726.88121.6632Berkshire09/02/16

Track: Watkins Glen – 7th March 2016
Car: LMP2 Acura

PosDriver NameBest Lap TimeS1S2S3DivVenueDate
1Mohamed Manneh01:31.65828.91135.22327.524New Driver TBCBerkshire23/02/16
2Muse Nuh01:32.86429.55435.95027.360New Driver TBCBerkshire23/02/16
3Clive Demmon01:36.98629.68538.85528.4462Berkshire23/02/16

Track: Melbourne GP – 21st march 2016
Car: F3

PosDriver NameBest Lap TimeS1S2S3DivVenueDate
1Paul Brett01:53.52038.44330.96044.1172Berkshire13/03/16
2Clive Demmon01:54.44238.22431.96544.2532Berkshire13/03/16
3Lewis Demmon02:01.27141.44331.57048.2572Berkshire13/03/16