JenningsOn 23rd June 2016, Jennings, a Chalgrove based business accomodation and property management service organised an evening’s racing to raise money for Sobell House. This was an endurance event charity fundraiser and the 10 teams of drivers came to The Race Hut in Oxford prepared for an evening of exhilaration and excitement.

The 50 drivers (5 per team) were primed and ready; the fervour and excitement was palpable. The circuit the teams were tackling was Fuji International Speedway in agile, open top LMP2 prototypes.

Format of the event:
6pm 30 mins qualifying to acclimatise to the circuit and conditions
7pm Start of the 1.5 hour endurance race.
8.30 Chequer flag drops! The end of the race.

Sobell HouseA very worthy charity; Sobell House
Founded in 1976, Sobell House was one of the earliest NHS hospices to be established, following in the footsteps of Dame Cicely Saunders, considered by many to be the founder of the modern hospice movement in UK. Since then, we have been providing specialist palliative care to patients and their families at home, in the Oxford hospitals, and in our purpose-built hospice on the Churchill Hospital site. We are part of the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust and closely linked to the University of Oxford.

Time for the race
If qualifying was exciting, the race itself was double that in drama too! Throughout the race, the 5 members of each team had to organise themselves to ensure everyone was ready to race at their allotted time.

Motivation and encouragement were all required to help each other exert the maximum; however, at the end of the race everyone was racing for the same cause; Sobell House.

Throughout the race, the twists and turns of Fuji presented many dangers and equally, as many moments of excitement. After one-and-a-half hours racing, the two leaders were separated by just 2 seconds. You might expect this after a 10-minute race, but this was a 90 minute endurance race featuring 10 different drivers in 2 different teams.

However, there could only be one victor, and the winners garland went to Team Vorticity took the honours with a brilliant drive!

Worthy mentions must also go to the Picnic Hamper team, who despite coming last, won the “spirit of the event” award for their infectious enthusiasm and generally being great sports for the entire 90 minute race!

Amount raised for Sobell House
The event really demonstrated the spirit of fundraising. Everyone who took part really got into the swing of the action and enjoyed themselves.

As a direct result of the Jennings Team Endurance Event, a staggering total of £4800 was raised for Sobell House once all the proceeds of the silent auction were collected.

leafcurllargeRhonda Leighton, Business Centre Manager for Jennings commented: “Sobell House are a charity close to the heart of Jennings. This was an event organised by our tenants. What was great, everyone got involved and really got into the spirit of the event.

From the moment we were introduced to The Race Hut, the event was absolutely what we wanted. The entire team from Jennings had a really great time, raised a fantastic amount of money for Sobell House and we’ve done something that we’ll be talking about for a long time to come.

What’s more The Race Hut couldn’t have been more accommodating. The layout is fantastic and it really engages everyone involved. What’s more, the technology is outstanding and heightens the experience. It’s a highly recommended experience. Thank you to The Race Hut.”

Rich Weaving from The Race Hut, commented: “It was a great event, everyone got into the spirit of the action and raised lots of money for Sobell House. Picnic Hamper also got involved with the catering.

The Race Hut is perfect for hosting a charity fundraiser such as the event Jennings put on for Sobell House. We were delighted to host Jennings – it was a fantastic evening. This demonstrates our bespoke event solution that’s suitable for everyone.”